Mallikarjuna & Rameshwara temple: Nadakalsi, Sagar Thaluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka

Nadakalsi is a remote village around 10 kms from Sagar on Soraba-Uulavi Road. The temple here is much old, built during 1218 during Hoysala King II Ballal period. This is one of those forgotten monuments which was never listed until Archeological Survey of India documented its existence.

The Mallikarjuna temple is a great example of Hoysala architecture and is said to be constructed by father and son sculptors, Jankana and Dakkana. They are constructed using the stone called `Somanatha Shile’, which was found abundantly around the village itself. Both the temples have been built on star-shaped plinth and the roofs are also of star-shape. Each temple has a sanctum and a Navaranga with vast pillared-hall. The pillars are beautiful and typically resemble other Hoysala temples

Rameshwara temple is just next to the Mallikarjuna temple and has only one entrance. The walls on either side of the main entrance have been carved with statues related to Vatsayana Kamasutra. It has a magnificent Gopuram over Garbhagudi, where we saw the beautiful Hoysala emblem and a fine statue of Bhuvaneshwari.
The temple stands out like a marvel against the backdrop of an ordinary village. The surrounding rural countryside is tranquil with lush fields, quiet lakes and no traffic. Beyond this, our interest was at best as we wandered around the temple trying to appreciate whatever we could see.
Take a look at these amazing sculpture: